[CPU] Another Weekload of Geekery

I Actually Did The Thing I Wanted to Do!

Greetings, Programs!

Remember how I said I wanted to get back into a regular schedule with things? Well, I think I’ve found a groove - TLDR live every weeknight (around 7pm PST) in my classic Chris Pirillo YouTube channel, followed immediately thereafter with a live after-show with video gameplay on my Twitch channel (with clips subsequently uploaded to the separate Chris Pirillo Plays YouTube channel, now dedicated to such playtime).

You’re still invited (and strongly encouraged) to join the public Discord chat server for up-to-the-minute announcements, general tech chat, various dad jokes, and nerdy fun with extra frippery. My YouTube Members, Twitch Subscribers, & Patreon Supporters get special bonuses there - but it’s absolutely FREE for all to use right now.

Just like all he videos I’ve done are free to watch…

TLDR (The LockerGnome Daily Report on YouTube)

TLDR After Show (on Twitch / YouTube)

See You in Discord?

I’d write more today, but… you’ve got a few videos to watch. And you can’t read and watch simultaneously (unless the video has words in it - which is often the case during these live streams where chat is always integrated).

And, speaking of chat… Discord is going like gangbusters. We’re over 600 members there as of today. If you want me to talk about the things you want me to talk about, the best way to ensure such satisfaction is to participate.

Thanks again to those of you who are supporting this newsletter, too!

Yours Digitally,

Chris Pirillo

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