[CPU] Who You Gonna Call? Me.

No, seriously. It's still "The Chris Pirillo Show!"

Greetings, Programs!

While I continue to tweet (and retweet) my way through the days, I also realize that some of you want more than just a regular chat room where nobody wants to chat regularly.

While I can’t rewind the clock to when Saturday Morning Cartoons (it’s a very proper noun) roamed the Earth, I can attempt to do something that has not been done in darn near a decade.

Live call-in shows.

It started when “The Chris Pirillo Show” was a thing before podcasts were a thing. We set up a thing that enabled us to take thing calls live on the thing, and people could tune in to an audio thing to listen. I did something like it a few years later on video, too.

How about we try that again? A live, audio-only, interactive broadcast on a familiar platform (YouTube) where you can call in and we can chat about contemporary topics that don’t bore the world to tears, avoiding routine questions that put me to sleep mid-answer?

It’s now possible to do:

Yep, that thumbnail will make everything work.

I can’t promise to do this with any degree of frequency, but that all depends on how many of y’all are interested. Who knows? It’s worth trying, I think.

But please don’t tune in if you think I’m only doing it to prattle on endlessly about one subject (sorry, fellow Star Wars fans - there’s more to the universe than lightsabers). I might even be able to put Diana on the line if you’re nice.

Yours Digitally,

Chris Pirillo

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