[CPU] Anyone Can Now Join My 24/7 Chat Room

Remember IRC? Well, Today's Nerds Live in Discord!

Greetings, Programs!

There was a time when I live streamed video 24/7 in my home office (now affectionately dubbed my ‘playshop’ - because ‘workshop’ sounds as snooze-worthy as ‘home office’). I never really stopped live streaming or chatting, I just wasn’t able to do it as regularly as I could have or should have.

I’m trying - really, I’m trying - to get into a groove, to find a sweet spot between that which interests me, that which interests people who are interested in me, and that which is interesting enough to yap-yap-yap with any degree of consistency.

Then, I did something crazy last night:

In all the madness of letting you know that I was still alive, I effectively made my previously-private-and-super-exclusive Discord chat server public - in the hopes of trying a different approach to bring shape to conversations I hope to continue to have with people like you. So, you can join the chat room, too!

Oh, I did another crazy thing the other day as well:

Okay, that’s enough crazy for one week. Or is it?

Yours Digitally,

Chris Pirillo