[CPU] Return of the Chat Room

Well, Kinda (in Spirit)

Greetings, Programs!

As much as I want to write prolifically, it seems my days (and nights) pull me in umpteen directions. That’s a number between bleen and eighteen.

If you missed the news, I’ve been recently tapped by Intel to help lead community efforts around graphics and visual experiences - a task I’ve not taken lightly. While I can’t talk about the things I can’t talk about, there’s plenty more to talk about - like the Discord server we set up for chat. You’re welcome to join me there, certainly.

This might explain why I’ve not been “talking tech” as you’ve come to expect lately. I’m still serving the greater user community, but (as I pointed out in the aforelinked post) I’m now attempting to change the industry from the inside out.

Easier said than done.

What’s even easier? Having fun online every weekend.

Yours Digitally,

Chris Pirillo