[CPU] Back to a Regular Live Streaming Schedule?

On Both Twitch and YouTube?

Greetings, Programs!

I should probably find some kind of internet fiber to be more regular with communicating, eh? Oh, if only I had access to fiber.

Well, I’m trying to electronically unconstipate myself.

My work / weekday hours, as noted in a previous missive, are currently yielded to Intel. In an effort to create better products for the community, Intel Graphics brought me in to help facilitate feedback to engineers. This is where most of my brain power goes these days.

I thought: “Hey, why not live stream some Intel-optimized gameplay in my Twitch channel on a regular basis?” Then, I thought: “I’m not really a gamer, per se - but there’s a chance to drive a new level of interactivity between Intel Graphics (and Intel vicariously) and our growing community.”

Yes, I think in parenthesis. My thesis is that it started happening when I became a parent, apparently. Get it? “paren(thesis)?” Too much wordplay for you? Wait until you see me trying to trip through a video game that was released long after the Atari 2600.

Weekly Live Streams on Twitch?

So, today, at 1pm PST, I’ll be playing Cuphead for the first time in my life. Bold choice.

I do hope this will become a regular thing on a regular schedule - live streaming experiences that Intel Graphics (and Intel, vicariously) enable. As noted on my Twitch profile:

You'll know it's an official Intel-supported live session during my weekday workday streaming schedule (which could happen Monday through Friday between the hours of 9am to 5pm PST) - but streams during my free time / non-working hours might not be Intel-related.

Does that make sense? Well, I hope it does.

Perhaps, with this, I can re-begin to lay a foundation to set a better all-around streaming schedule across the board. It’s been challenging as of late, to say the least.

What about YouTube?

People keep telling me that I’m dead. Perhaps they’re correct, and I’m an autonomous corpse who doesn’t realize he’s shuffled off his mortal coil.

Given my current position with Intel, I find it far more freeing to discuss matters that do not lend themselves to conflicts of interest. That means any kind of open “tech talk” is implicitly tempered. This, of course, induces rage in those who want me to go back to the way things were.

While my mind moved on to pop culture topics and retro fascinations years ago, this is a core reason why most of my personal YouTube channel is… personal. And “personal,” to me, involves fandoms - and my prime fandom is Star Wars.

I am truly inclined to start a regular live streaming schedule on YouTube again - if only to do a weekly show & tell. Challenging to do when I seem to be the only person interested in the things I’m interested in.

Perhaps Friday evenings at the worst possible time slot for live engagement? Well, at least I have a public Discord server now.

What about iPhone 11?

In a recent video where I showcased a recent Star Wars acquisition, a few people asked if I had any thoughts on iPhone 11.

If I had any thoughts on iPhone 11, I would have shared them - and I certainly would not have cared to share them on a video where I talked about something else. I have no thoughts on iPhone 11 because it’s wholly uninteresting to me. Why would I talk about something I’m not interested in?

I know that so many people want me to go back to talking about the things I used to talk about, but to do that… I have to be interested in the things I want to talk about. Have you ever talked to someone who wasn’t interested in the thing you wanted to talk about? It’s excruciating.

Why would I put you through that?

About the only thing I’m sure of anymore is that you’ve read this sentence.

Are you quite finished?

Yes. And no.

Yours Digitally,

Chris Pirillo

[CPU] Anyone Can Now Join My 24/7 Chat Room

Remember IRC? Well, Today's Nerds Live in Discord!

Greetings, Programs!

There was a time when I live streamed video 24/7 in my home office (now affectionately dubbed my ‘playshop’ - because ‘workshop’ sounds as snooze-worthy as ‘home office’). I never really stopped live streaming or chatting, I just wasn’t able to do it as regularly as I could have or should have.

I’m trying - really, I’m trying - to get into a groove, to find a sweet spot between that which interests me, that which interests people who are interested in me, and that which is interesting enough to yap-yap-yap with any degree of consistency.

Then, I did something crazy last night:

In all the madness of letting you know that I was still alive, I effectively made my previously-private-and-super-exclusive Discord chat server public - in the hopes of trying a different approach to bring shape to conversations I hope to continue to have with people like you. So, you can join the chat room, too!

Oh, I did another crazy thing the other day as well:

Okay, that’s enough crazy for one week. Or is it?

Yours Digitally,

Chris Pirillo

[CPU] What Does Chewbacca Taste Like?

Greetings, Programs!

I keep publishing new live videos every day, and I know you keep missing them - so, here’s an incomplete roundup of recent events. No technology was harmed in the production of these streams, but technology was definitely used! A lot of tech, really. So much tech. Good tech, obvs.

Yours Digitally,

Chris Pirillo

[CPU] Geeks at Galaxy's Edge

Greetings, Programs!

If you follow me throughout social media, you’ll know that I’m not quite dead yet. In fact, this past week, I was very much alive. I’ve been busy - just awakened by the Force of Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland.

The whole experience made me jealous of those who get to talk about (or “do”) nothing but Star Wars as a full-time job. I have half a mind to convert this newsletter’s content focus top-to-bottom to such intergalactic goodness. The other half of my mind wonders what you’d think about that.

Anyway, here are all the Star Wars Galaxy Edge videos I did over the past few days:

See? I told you I’ve been busy.

Yours Digitally,

Chris Pirillo

[CPU] Return of the Chat Room

Well, Kinda (in Spirit)

Greetings, Programs!

As much as I want to write prolifically, it seems my days (and nights) pull me in umpteen directions. That’s a number between bleen and eighteen.

If you missed the news, I’ve been recently tapped by Intel to help lead community efforts around graphics and visual experiences - a task I’ve not taken lightly. While I can’t talk about the things I can’t talk about, there’s plenty more to talk about - like the Discord server we set up for chat. You’re welcome to join me there, certainly.

This might explain why I’ve not been “talking tech” as you’ve come to expect lately. I’m still serving the greater user community, but (as I pointed out in the aforelinked post) I’m now attempting to change the industry from the inside out.

Easier said than done.

What’s even easier? Having fun online every weekend.

Yours Digitally,

Chris Pirillo

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