[CPU] Taking Your Live Phone Calls on Air

...so, ask me a question and I might answer it in one of the daily broadcasts!

We have been going strong on Twitch every night at 6PM PST, so feel free to swing in (or just follow and turn on notifications). Tonight, I’m gonna bring back live calls. Kinda.

If you dial 1-888-PIRILLO (yes, the number still works after all these years), you will be able to ask me a question that I might be able to answer during the broadcast. Obviously, I’ll want to listen to any submissions before sharing them, so… yeah.

If you haven’t been watching these geek outs, you’ve been missing out on the fun…

[CPU] Interviewing The Toys That Made Us Creator

...it's happening tonight!

I’m interviewing Brian Volk-Weiss tonight - CEO of the production company that did “The Toys That Made Us” and “A Toy Store Near You” - should be starting ~7pm on https://twitch.tv/ChrisPirillo if you care to join me / us!

You might also enjoy this new style of video editing we’re trying - take a look, here, at the video we published today and let me know what you think by leaving a comment:

[CPU] Streaming Star Wars Every Day on Twitch

...yeah, I'm hoping you can join me there for nightly hangouts.

After weighing the options, it seems that Twitch is the best place for us to do the “just chatting” thing. Last night, our family built a Star Wars foosball table together - and played a full game:

Be sure to turn on Twitch notifications to know when we go live (aiming for every night throughout this year, at least). Every stream is basically an AMA - so, ask me anything. I can’t read your mind. I also can’t open smart door locks for you:

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